Personal update

What’s going on with me? Well, I’m unemployed right now. It’s an interesting state to be in to say the least.

I’m going fishing with Nole, Troy, and Cody this Saturday in Everett, WA.

On Sunday my cousin Cale and I are going to Europe for three weeks. I’m pretty excited. Stay tuned for semi-daily updates and pictures.

We get back to the US on 5/30/05, then I start packing for a temporary move to Hartley, IA. I’m scheduled to leave on 6/12/05, and should roll in by 6/14/05 if all goes as planned.

Then I have a cousin’s wedding in Chicago on 6/18/05, so I’ll be taking a trip for that. Shelbe’s wedding is the following weekend. I need to visit Creighton and work on some tech stuff for him sometime as well.

That’s the current outline for a big part of my summer. Job hunting and other fun activities will also be mixed in when there is time. Let me know if you have any good opportunities in the Minneapolis area for me.

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