Little Man tours Portland!

Cody’s young relative from Iowa sent him this dude:

Little Man

He’s supposed to get photos of him in different places, so we took “Little Man” out on the town last night. Cody and I met Troy by the Hawthorne Bridge with the intent of eating at Newport Bay on the water followed by a walk around downtown. We ended up eating at a mediocre sushi place right next to it. Then our trek started. Troy wanted to check out some new parts of town. We walked up by PSU and saw some parks and fountains that we hadn’t seen (photo op for Little Man). It’s amazing what a prop like that does to break the ice with strangers. I think I’ll make one to take to Europe 🙂

So after Troy and Cody hopped a fence we found ourselves trying to get to the Ross Island bridge. It’s a really long bridge and usually out of the way for our downtown walks, but it just needed to be crossed and it was a good route back to our cars. After awhile we came across a tunnel that we figured was a safe pedestrian crossing under a major highway. It was just that, but it was also the Hobo Hilton. It was just about dark and three bums had taken up residence for the night. It’s one thing to be homeless, but it’s another to piss in your own shelter. The smell in the tunnel was amazing. Troy took the moment to remind me to send out my resume. Good idea, skid row isn’t for me.

We ended up the night at Katie O’Brien’s Bear Paw Inn shooting pool and drinking Heffeweizen with an Iowa alumnus before the mile walk back to our cars.

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