Winexpert Australian Cabernet/Shiraz

Dennis and I started a batch of Winexpert Australian Cabernet/Shiraz on 8/11/07. We pretty much made it according to the directions, but used Wally’s tips for a more full bodied wine. We added 1 tsp grape tannin and water to 1.091 OG. We were trying to be around 1.093, but oh well. After doing some additional research, I’m going to try adding 1lb raisins to my next kit and make it to volume per kit instructions.

Info from the sales slick:

Winexpert Selection International
Australian Cabernet/Shiraz

Style: A rich, intense and fullbodied red wine with startling berry fruit aromas and flavours balanced with an abundance of oak and firm tannins. Cabernet Sauvignon’s structure perfectly
complements the fruit and chocolate flavours of Shiraz, for a complex and hearty red wine of outstanding character. Big, bold and dark – a luxurious treat.
Similar styles: French Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel.
Food pairings: Grilled lamb or beef, savoury pasta dishes, strong cheeses.
Sweetness code: 0 (Dry)
Oak: A blend of premium American regular and toasted oak.
Aging: Smooth after two months. Age for maximum benefit (up to three years).

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