Prague and Vienna

What a busy job travel has become. We have managed to get on the wrong trains a few times, but other than that we are feeling very comfortable in Europe.

On our train ride from Cologne to Prague (Praha) we had a couchet (sleeping car) with 3 guys from Florida. We ended up sharing a room with them at a hostel. I never want to stay in one again. Communal showers are fine for youngsters, but I would much rather have my own.

We partied our asses off at a club until dawn and had to check out by 10 AM. The club was right by the famous Charles Bridge that was in the movie Triple X. Everybody decided to get an apartment for the next night, which took us until noon to procure and check into. It was ok, hand held shower head which was tricky to keep in the tub.

There were tons of super model grade women walking around on the streets all day, but we did not manage to find them by night. Oh well, I have some pictures of them for posterity.

I cannot get this computer to recognize my camera, so it is going to have to wait for another day. There are some great shots to be posted!

We are currently in Vienna (Wien) for the evening and have a 6:30 AM train for Venice. We managed to get a great hotel for a great price and it is only five minutes to walk to the train station. Cale and I took the subway to the city center this evening for siteseeing and our first orgasmic taste of gelato. Ice cream will never be the same. The people we have met have been very nice here and many speak English. Our hotel concierge is really treating us well, giving us a 4 person room for the 2 person price, discounting for a last minute deal, and subtracting 8 euros for us leaving before breakfast. On top of that, he did our laundry while we got dinner and checked out the town and is not going to charge us. Mad props to the Hotel Kolbeck in Vienna.

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