Amsterdam and Cologne

Oh my god, Europe is so much fun. Had a weather delay in Houston before getting into Amsterdam a few hours late. Cale made it in before me with no troubles.

It took us forever to figure out the damn train system at the AMS airport, but it was a good experience.

Spent one fun filled day in Amsterdam seeing the sites and partaking in all the city has to offer. Bought tshirts for souvenirs.

We are in Cologne Germany right now and the German keyboard is totally weird. The y is where the z is so typing requires some thought.

We saw what must be the biggest church in the world (the Dom) and climbed to the top of the mofo. We then ate real German food in a bier hall. We found some bottles of bier and a bottle of riesling to pre party at the hotel. Then we checked out the night life in the Friesen district. It is kind of a college part of town. We got totally drunk at a club called the funky chicken. The chicks here don´t seem to like Americans, oh well.

Check out the photos and read the comments for details.


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