Madrid Update

It has been awhile since we´ve posted. It´s tough to find a fricking internet cafe that works with digicams. The piece of shit computer I´m on right now is Windows 98 and doesn´t even have a USB port.

Anyway, we´re in Madrid. From Rome we went to Florence which was much nicer than Rome. Next was Cinque Terra (five lands) on the Mediterranean coast of Italy, a beautiful collection of small villages right on the water. We had an amazing hike, and Cale ate a sea bass which came grilled with everything but the guts. On our way to Barcelona from Cinque Terra, we stopped in Nice to see Star Wars. It was kick ass. We passed through Cannes during the film festival and they were shooting off fireworks. Pretty cool to see the yachts that were in the area for the festival. I imagine P Diddy and J Lo were partying somewhere near it.

In Barcelona we went to the beach (topless señoritas everywhere) and I got a major sunburn on my back. We went out with some cool people from Canada and California and had fun at the bars. More walks on the beach yesterday and a 5 hour train ride to Madrid. First class on that train was quite nice. Many drinks, a snack, and dinner were served. Too bad the movie didn´t have English audio or subtitles.

We fly from Madrid to Paris on the 27th, then we´ll head home on the 30th. Hope to post pics sometime in the next day or 2.

Adios muchachos.

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